26 February 2013

Society for the History of Discoveries - Session Proposal: “Rediscovering Morocco”

Society for the History of Discoveries, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2013, Tampa, FL

Session Proposal: “Rediscovering Morocco”

This session seeks to unite disparate European explorations and penetrations into Morocco, while at the same time papers may address Moroccan explorations and penetrations into Europe, the Americas or the East. Particular areas of inquiry might address: transatlantic exploration—Native Americans to Morocco, or North Africans to the Americas; European exploration and colonization of Morocco and Moroccan exploration and “colonization” of Europe; African (ie sub-Sahara, Ethiopia, Egypt) exploration of Morocco, and vice versa; or, travel diaries and narratives of European travelers to Morocco, or Moroccan travelers to Europe.

Please send inquiries and abstracts to Dr. Lauren Beck (lbeck@mta.ca) and Dr. Jim Matthews (matthews@iwu.edu) before March 25th.

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