03 February 2013

Alexine Tinné exhibit in the Netherlands

Copyright reserved by the Haags Historisch Museum
As a tie-in to the article "Alexine Tinné: Nineteenth-Century Explorer of Africa" by scholar Mylynka Kilgore Cardona in the most-recent issue of Terrae Incognitae (the journal for the Society of the History of Discoveries), the Haags Historisch Museum (Historical Museum of The Hague) is currently hosting an exhibit titled "Alexine Tinne. Afrikaanse avonturen van een Haagse dame" (Alexine Tinne: African adventures of a  Hague lady).  Alexine Tinné (1835-1869) traveled and explored in Egypt, the Sudan, the upper Nile, and the Sahara.  The adventuress's personal belongings, photographs, and ethnographic artifacts are on display until March 24, 2013.

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  1. FANTASTIC! I will be visiting this exhibit this week and next. I will let you know how it goes.