23 May 2012

SHD 2012 Pasadena Meeting
List of Speakers
Pasadena/San Marino, California, September 27-30, 2012
(As of 23 May 2012)

Altic, Mirela
Missionary Cartography of Tarahumara

Brunelle, Gayle
The Assassination of the Sieur de Royville and the Debacle of the Compagnie de l’Amerique Equinoxiale, 1653-1656

Buisseret, David
The Influence of Marquette and Jolliet on the Mapping of North America

Delaney, John
Endeavour in Australia: Crewing with Cook

Flannery, Kristie (Graduate Student)
“Everyone a mutineer”: the crisis of maritime labour in Spanish voyages of discovery
and conquest in the Pacific, 1564-1566

Francaviglia, Richard
Discovery and Faith:  Re-examining Claims about Pre-Columbian Muslims in America

Harreld, Donald
Strategies and Identities: Dutch Expeditions through the Strait of Magellan, 1598-1618

Herbert, Francis
The Hakluyt Society’s publications and the Americas: maps and membership from the 1840s

Hogarth, Donald
Robert Rich Sharp (1881-1958): prospector, engineer and discoverer of the Shinkolobwe, Katanga, (Congo) radium-uranium ore-body

Mullan, Anthony
The Comisión Corográfia and Colombia’s Quest for Identity

Olcelli, Laura (Graduate Student)
The Denied Search for the North-West Passage: Alessandro Malaspina at the Service of “the nation that has taken me as one of its own!”

Ortiz, Ann
Epistolar Representation of Fray Junípero Serra in Francisco de Palóu’s Relacion Historica de la Vida y Apostolicas Tareas del Venerable Padre Fray Junipero Serra (1787)

Pflederer, Richard
Magellan, the Pacific Ocean and the Search for the Anti-Meridian

Van Duzer, Chet
On Second Thought: Cartographic Corrections to the Shape of Africa on Medieval and Renaissance Maps

Preliminary meeting details can be found here

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